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Save 9th Avenue Campaign

Use and share this petition link to tell City councillors and Administration that the “Inglewood Heritage Village” is worth saving! 


Local Inglewood business provides a compelling case for why it is so important to back this campaign

Important Documents To Read

  • Change.org Petition
  • Landstar Survey Summary
  • RNDSQR Survey Summary
  • Download and print a Save 9th Poster
  • In 2017, the City of Calgary engaged Coriolis Consulting, a professional firm specializing in real estate, planning and urban economics, to study the potential to retain heritage properties in a TOD area through the use of density bonussing and grants. Coriolis’ professional standing was sufficiently valued by the City to have them do reports on the Beltline, Downtown, Mission, West Hillhurst and Bridgeland; it shaped and implemented bonus systems in the first two areas. This study was specifically to inform the Area Redevelopment Plan which was being rewritten because of the impact of the proposed Greenline. Although public funds were used, the results were not shared with the community. The Inglewood Community Association (ICA) asked to see the study and were informed that it was for internal City use only, forcing it to FOIP the document. When it was released, it was 100% redacted. The ICA located a copy elsewhere which has some important revelations that affects several proposals seeking height and FAR relaxations for Ninth Avenue.
    Coriolis Heritage Designation Incentives in Inglewood and Ramsay

What is Under Threat?

Inglewood is the oldest community in Calgary with Ninth Avenue as its longest heritage main street. It is a destination enjoyed by Calgarians and visitors year-round for its village feel, quirky shops and great music venues and was named Best Community in Canada in 2014 by the Canadian Institute of Planners.

But now, it is under an assault that could destroy it forever.

Three separate land use change applications have been proposed, each more than twice the existing bylaw limit of 65 feet or about six storeys. We welcome developments that do not exceed 6 stories (22 meters) and fit within the character of Inglewood. The City of Calgary Planning Department wants to approve buildings that are more than double the density of downtown (from 3 FAR to 7 FAR).

If built, any of these three properties would forever change the face of the community, leaving behind another bland, commercial wind tunnel – instead of a people-centric avenue, where things are built to a scale that is enjoyable and inviting for pedestrians.

What Does This Mean in Economic Terms?

  • Calgary has been waist-deep in a recession for five years and now is in the middle of a pandemic where many small businesses across the city are going through economic hardships.
  • Businesses are challenged here in Inglewood like anywhere else but hang on because this shopping area is so unique.  Ninth Avenue has also famously been featured as a historical backdrop for many films and television series like Fargo, supporting an industry that has brought hundreds of millions into the City economy for years.
  • Heritage tourism brings a lot of interest and brings money to the city year-round.
  • Calgarians under stress from job loss and tax increases can still come to village-like streets and unique owner-run shops, and escape to a friendly, fun, green place that is still about people.
  • If one of these huge glass towers is built, there will be more to come. There will be a domino effect and the neighborhood as it exists now will be gone forever. Especially in these times, that will be catastrophic.

We strongly believe the history of Calgary belongs to the people.  The last time Inglewood was faced with a serious threat was in 1974 (https://archive.macleans.ca/article/1974/1/1/calgary) when the City decided they would build a freeway through Inglewood. Thanks to Jack Long and many volunteers our community stopped it.

Please help us prove that history, community character, and our main streets belong to all of us. Help us show that we care and we will stand up for and respect our heritage.

Use and share this petition link to tell City Councillors and Administration that the “Inglewood Heritage Village” is worth saving!


Please call your Councilor and express your views

Call: 403-268-2430

  • Ward 1 - Ward Sutherland 
  • Ward 2 – Joe Magliocca  
  • Ward 3 – Jyoti Gondek
  • Ward 4 – Sean Chu 
  • Ward 5 – George Chahal 
  • Ward 6 – Jeff Davison 
  • Ward 7 – Druh Farrell 
  • Ward 8 – Evan Woolley 
  • Ward 9 – Gian-Carlo Carra
  • Ward 10 – Ray Jones 
  • Ward 11 – Jeremy Farkas 
  • Ward 12 – Shane Keating 
  • Ward 13 –  Diane Colley-Urquhart
  • Ward 14 – Peter Demong

You can also write to your Councillor:

The City of Calgary Office of the Councillors (8001)
P.O. Box 2100, Station M
Calgary, AB,
Canada T2P 2M5

You may submit your comments to all of the Councillors by indicating that you wish to distribute your comments to all within the form field.

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