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Current Edition: March 2019

Newsletter Production

Inglewood has one of the city’s last remaining 100% volunteer-produced community newsletters. Many thanks to the huge team of local volunteers, who design, produce and distribute 10 issues per year. 
Editor: Vacant (Temp Coordinator: Angie Lovegrove)
  • Ad Manager: Ingrid Lundteigen
  • Copy Editor: Cynthia Salter
  • Layout Design: Mckenzie Brayley & Jeremy Stuart
  • Proofreaders: Ad Manager, Copy Editor & General Manager
  • Delivery Prep Organizer: Angie Lovegrove
  • Collating/Delivery Prep: Anke Wiechel, Betty Leinweber, Elaine High, Erna Schreiber, Glenna Taylor, Margaret Raines, Marie Leinweber, Nancy McNichol
  • Distribution: Lonnie Starling, Richard Miller, Rick Apponen & Angie Lovegrove
  • Delivery Volunteers Coordinator: Lonnie Starling
  • Delivery Volunteers: Pat Abbott, Rick Apponen, Clym Atkin, Kathy Brown, Virginia Buckley, Josephine Budden, Elliotte Buracas, Hieke Cantrup, Saif & Alina Chapra, Holden & Leighton Colpitts, Cole Dube, Kim & Bill Firmston, Dave Frid, Rick Garbutt, Randy Hauer, Joyce Hemminger, Elaine Hight, Wayne Lolender, Sharon & Dennis Johnston, Ted & Rhys Jones, Debbie Kearns, Christina Koshman, Tim Leacock, Marie & Betty Leinweber, Wael Mansour, Jo Marple, Fiona McKenzie, Lindsay McLean, Joel McNichol, Richard Miller, Jo Mulligan, Marlene Mullinger, Brenda Polzin, Angela & Chris Sayers, James Seller, Jen Sharp, Jim Shipley, Bonnie Siroishka, Cameron Smith, Ray Spiteri, Lonnie Starling, Glenna Taylor, Maureen Thomas, Greg Trimming, Tracy Trimming, Rebecca Walsh, Jude Williams, Terry Winter
  • Printer: Little Rock Printing 


The Archive contains PDF copies of newsletters dating back to 2010.

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