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Current Edition: September 2019

Newsletter Production

Inglewood has one of the city’s last remaining 100% volunteer-produced community newsletters. Many thanks to the huge team of local volunteers, who design, produce and distribute 10 issues per year. 
  • Ad Manager: Ingrid Lundteigen
  • Copy Editor: Angie Lovegrove
  • Layout Design: Nik Thierry
  • Proofreaders: Ad Manager, Copy Editor & General Manager
  • Delivery Prep Organizer: Angie Lovegrove
  • Collating/Delivery Prep: Anke Wiechel, Betty Leinweber, Elaine High, Erna Schreiber, Glenna Taylor, Margaret Raines, Marie Leinweber, Dolores Faryna
  • Distribution: Lonnie Starling, Richard Miller, Rick Apponen & John Siroishka
  • Delivery Volunteers Coordinator: Lonnie Starling
  • Delivery Volunteers: Pat Abbott, Rick Apponen, Clym Atkin, Kathy Brown, Virginia Buckley, Josephine Budden, Elliotte Buracas, Hieke Cantrup, Saif & Alina Chapra, Holden & Leighton Colpitts, Cole Dube, Kim & Bill Firmston, Dave Frid, Rick Garbutt, Randy Hauer, Joyce Hemminger, Elaine High, Wayne Holender, Sharon & Dennis Johnston, Ted & Rhys Jones, Debbie Kearns, Christina Koshman, Tim Leacock, Marie & Betty Leinweber, Wael Mansour, Jo Marple, Fiona McKenzie, Lindsay McLean, Joel McNichol, Richard Miller, Jo Mulligan, Marlene Mullinger, Brenda Polzin, Angela & Chris Sayers, James Seller, Jen Sharp, Jim Shipley, Bonnie Siroishka, John Siroishka, Cameron Smith, Ray Spiteri, Lonnie Starling, Glenna Taylor, Maureen Thomas, Greg Trimming, Tracy Trimming, Rebecca Walsh, Jude Williams, Terry Winter
  • Printer: Little Rock Printing 


The Archive contains PDF copies of newsletters dating back to 2010.

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